St John's Second 8. Well, what more needs to be said, talented, strong, fast, attractive, skilful an inspiration to all who saw them .....

The Second 8 was :
Stroke Nigel Walder
Seven Ben Ollivere
Six Jan Dehn
Five Carl Schultz
Four Pete Ward
Three Pete Richinson
Two Dom Brittain
Bow Andy Miller
Cox Vikcy Turner
Coaches James Warner
Rick Plummer

Occasionally a crew just gets it together, and it's even fun getting up at 5.45am to go and freeze you 'nads off on a freezing river. The Second Eight this year was a crew similar to that. So cheers to Doggy Dr Schults, Pete 'Crusher' Maggot, Pete 'look no thumbs' Ward, Nigel 'Tigger' Walder, Jan 'Beardy' Dehn, Andy's Armoury Miller & Dom 'sideboards' Brittain for a great crew.

Nigel Walder, now mens boat club captain was always one of the Lads. He led us through his alter ego, 'The Dark Destroyer' to victory on 2 out of three days, and a row over on the third day. However Nigel is not without dirt himself. Although he didnt row in our Torpid he did have a bit of a victory on Torpids Cocktails night. Poor old Niggles was lain asleep in bed being a boring bugger whilst the rest of us became rather too merry for our own (and Larkin Room's) health. Nigel's absence was however noted by a certain Miss Plumb. Nigel is however as you may have noticed a stroke sider, no good for the Plumb Bird. Ever resourceful (as an engineer and secret agent should be) Caroline enlisted the services of then very drunk Sarah Davis to burst through Nigel's door, wake him up, give him a bit of tongue action and chuck him out of bed so she could use it. Comedy value? Very much so . . . . .
I have now managed to scan some of our piccys so .. click on the thumb nail for a larger picture :