Nigel Bailey, mainstay of the boat club, possibly the oldest bloke in college .... letch extraudinaire and bell ringer, what dark and sordid secrets does Nigel hold in his past?
First things first, you may like to see a picture of the man himself :

Nigels Ugly Mug
The Bailey is arguably one of the finest and most lecherous coxes in St John's or indeed anywhere within the Oxford rowing fraternity. But we must all ask ourselves, what does such a mainstay of the boat club do aside from row?
Roumours abound, but some with more substance, include his Bell Ringing exploits (and not just in the bedroom). Yes ... you got it in one .... Nigel is a bell ringer!
Reputedly quite a good one two * see below . There was an incident some time ago now .... Picture the scene - Jesus Boat Club cocktails, one or two ales had been consumed, and perhaps some inhibitions lost. Nigey saw his chance, ever the opportunist shark, he went in for the kill .... and true to his fearsome reputation, he managed to score, not once, but twice.

Although all of the details never quite emerged, good old Bailey was seen to disappear with two young ladies into his room. One of them a certain notorious Sommerville cox (who you may be able to find a photie of her here) and other an as yet unknown third party. In normal circumstances this could be written off as an innocent incident, but noises were herd in the night ... and Mr Bailey + two Bailey conquests were seen emerging from his room the following day ...

Make of it what you like, I have never been one to spread gossip, but ...

Perhaps you have heard enough of Mr Bailey to last a life time, or perhaps you would like to email the wiley little bugger.