Men's Crews :

The First Torpid

Stroke Rob Andrews
Seven James Miller-Jones
Six James Yates
Five Jack Bertram
Four Chris Pickup
Three Conan de Wilde
Two Mark Harris
Bow Richard Diffenthal
Cox Olivia Cook
Coaches Dr David Lee
Ben Ollivere

The Men's Second Torpid

Stroke Matthias Osthoff
Seven Jon Snell
Six Ian Anderson
Five Will Trugeon-Smith
Four Pete Singfield
Three Ben Fletcher
Two Liam McNamara
Bow Ryan Hayward
Cox Emma Beckett
Guest appearance &
blade-snapping skills
Jeroen Bos
Coach JMJ plus First Torpid

Women's Crews :

The Women's First Torpid

Stroke Ruth King
Seven Gillian Kay
Six Madeline Mayne
Five Joanne Dunthorne
Four Lorna Coventry
Three Esther Scott
Two Clare Gubbins
Bow Louise Donaghey
Cox Rachel Malpass
with thanks to Maddy Riordan
Kate Ozwell