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1996 Christ Church Regatta Women's A Crew

Outside the boathouse (116K) Photograph: Dave Robson

Bow Joanna Arch 2 Caroline Plumb 3 Anna Warrington 4 Zoe Parsons 5 Helen Govett 6 Suzanna Scott 7 Marian Sylvester-Bradley Stroke Hannah Hewetson Cox Vikcy Turner

1996 Summer Eights Crews

Photographs: Erwin Cardol

1996 First Summer Eight (178K)

A mixture of old faces and new faces... Look out for Ollie's 'Bullfrog' pulling face - this is what happens if you remember to breathe in, but forget to breathe out.

1996 Second Summer Eight (161K)

Looking very smart in their spangly new zephyrs.

1996 Women's First Summer Eight (152K)

Urged on by the ever-so-well-positioned-to-see-where-he's-steering Nigey.

It's the Boat Club Flag! (102K)

Looking smaaart and for once it wasn't nicked by anyone... not even one of the argonauts.

1996 Men's 2nd Torpid

Passing the boathouses (47K b/w)

Bow Paul Simons 2 John King 3 Paul Featonby 4 Nick Creagh 5 Richard Fowler 6 James Warner 7 Matt Rickards Stroke Al McKinnon Cox Alex Wood

1995 Women's Henley Crew

The Henley Pyramid!

Before... (148K)

and After... (116K)

Bow Louise Johnson 2 Chivonne Eng 3 Wendy McMillan 4 Laurel Baig 5 Jenny Bearpark 6 Ali How 7 Kate Cochrane Stroke Anne Churchland Cox Nigel Bailey Coach Kris Collins

1995 First Eight

Just after the start (665K)

Apologies for the large size of this one, but if you look closely you might just see how Oriel lost the headship!

Passing under Donnington Bridge (402K)

Passing in front of the boathouses (240K)

Bow Andy Harrow 2 James Murray 3 Nick King 4 Glenn Leighton 5 Simon Morris 6 Jaime Brandwood 7 Paul Pattenden Stroke Oliver Kingsbury Cox Neil Hindle Coach Dr David Lee

1995 Second Eight

Rowing through the gut (216K)

Bow Paul Featonby 2 James 'Zippy' Fairclough 3 Matt Rickards 4 Graham Evans 5 Matthias Trüstedt 6 Tom Newitt 7 Kevin Haimes Stroke Ali Warr Cox Alex Wood Coach Dr Rachel Quarrell

1995 Women's First Eight

Approaching city (230K b/w)

Bow Louise Johnson 2 Chivonne Eng 3 Wendy McMillan 4 Laurel Baig 5 Rachel Huxley 6 Ali How 7 Jenny Bearpark Stroke Anne Churchland Cox Nigel Bailey Coach Kingsley Poole

Wallingford Regatta 1995

Women's Novice Eights WINNERS!! (169K)

Pots! (161K)

Bow Megan McNeill 2 Laurel Baig 3 Wendy McMillan 4 Ali How 5 Rachel Huxley 6 Anne Churchland 7 Jenny Bearpark Stroke Chivonne Eng Cox Nigel Bailey

1994 Women's Last VIII

Women's Nodgers in Glorious Technicolour (110K)

Bow Kris Orr 2 Jenny Rusby 3 Jessica Taylor 4 Claire Wiseman 5 Gillian Elliott 6 Emma Rampton 7 Katherine Denby Stroke Sos Eltis Cox Katie Knapman

1994 Holland Trip, SJC/Merton/St Anne's Composite

Posing on the raft after coming last in everything (273K)

Left to Right: Glenn, Nick, Erwin, Simon, Tim (Merton), Nige, Andy, David (Merton), Paul and Centre: Dave (St Anne's)

1994 First Eight

Getting into the boat (190K)

Bow Simon Morris 2 Glenn Leighton 3 Paul Pattenden 4 James Murray 5 Jacob Winkler 6 Kingsley Poole 7 Erwin Cardol Stroke Oliver Kingsbury Cox Jenny Rusby, although you can't see her!

1994 Reading Spring Regatta Crew

Senior 3 Coxed Fours WINNERS!! (264K)

Bow Jacob Winkler 2 Ralph Thomas 3 Erwin Cardol Stroke James Murray Cox Nigel Bailey, at least I was in this photo, until that thieving Old Ma Rusby took the boat and the pot from me

1992 Head of the River Crew

From Hammersmith Bridge (368K b/w)

Bow James Murray 2 Paul Pattenden 3 Greg Toyn 4 Nigel Stirk 5 Ben Littler 6 Rob Pearson 7 Olly Kingsbury Stroke Brian Smith Cox Tamsin O'Connell

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