It's Penny's Page!

This page is dedicated to little Penny Whiting, the 1996 Men's First Eight coxswain. Here's some stuff about Penny :-

You are aloud (sic) to look at her picture by clicking here.

Here's a poem about Penny lifted from the college bullsheet.

Penny was on the 1995/6 Committee.

Have a look at Penny's skulls of fate.

There is a basketball player also called Penny.

Penny's band, the Penny Dreadfuls plays in Los Angeles.

Try The Penny Magazine

OK, that's enough! We can all use webcrawler. It's nothing big or clever.

Just one more then : The Lucky Penny

Penny's Vital Statistics!

Hit reload for an up to the second letch count!

Penny's picture (photographed by Erwin Cardol)

has so far been ogled
since being put on the St John's College Boat Club Web Page

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