The St John's college Boat house with the party in full swing.
A much larger view of the river on the Saturday of Torpids.

Half the 2nd John's 2nd Summer 8. [Left to right : Rob Andrews, Nick Fienberg, Diarmid MacKenzie, Andy Miller]
[Left to right : Rob Andrews, James Miller-Jones, Ben Ollivere]

Dr David Lee, Men's 1st VIII coach.
Dr Hayes, St John's College president watches the racing. (Dr Hayes is in the hat).
It just wouldn't be Summer's without NORK now would it? Graduated, but not reformed, NORK brings his own special touch to Summer VIII's.

Jack Bertram, boat club captain bears all. Or nearly all. Unless you believe Emma, in which case that's it. Anyway. Jack prooves that his tits are big, if nothing else. [Left to right : Andy Miller, Emma Bertram (first lady), Jack Bertram (captain of boats), some old git, a tit in a wig]
All hail Captain Bertram.