5/12/99 Wallingford Dinner

Olivia - on the RedBull
JMJ & Pete
Dave - awake, honest
Dave - mugshot
Dave and his women
And now you can see why they love him!
Diarmid shocks Kris - what is he doing with his other hand?
Jack, Snezza and Caroline
Me (unshaven and mank) + Olivia (no stubble so she must have shaved)
Martini anyone?
Two people who I really don't know
Dave and his 'special friend'
Little Rachel putting in an appearance
Potato anyone?
Lard, sleeping.
Sue, Diramid, Caroline, Jon and Jack (out of the picture)
Caroline & Jon attack Kack.
Sue and Diarmd, sweet and drunk
Adams sinks another cocktail
JMJ & Rob
Pete, sober (!) at the end of his first term of captaincy
Charlie & Hilary
Charlie's legs
Rob and his parents
Special Section
Piers (is this man normal?)
Guess not
Now watch Dryden very carefully in the next photos
Nearly ...
Piers 'debags' Sue.
And Caroline ....
She has now noticed ...
Owww Sue's gone, poor Diarmid
The dark.
Give it some welly.
Dr Gamblin decides
The happy not couple.
A loving not couple
Sue, ideal companion for Diarmid
Ben and Olivia, another 'not couple'
JMJ and the bird whos name I can't remember who rowed Dev. Squad this term
Miss Adams
Piers & Jill, a couple, then a not couple, then a couple
The dry red one, Rob and Diarmid tuck in to their grub.
Piers and Jill, slightly more drunk.
The merry makers make merriness.
Dr Richard notices his plate.
Jack and our lovely women's captain.
Ben & Olivia
Can I take any notes?
Miller Jones in a 'fingerprint on lens' induced mist