Buckholt Forest, Hampshire, in Drayton's Poly-Olbion
Michael Drayton's allegorical representation of Buckholt Forest, Hampshire, in Poly-Olbion


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Forests and Chases of England and Wales, c.1000-c.1500 (Oxford, St John's College, 2010), distributed by Oxbow Books

and in the same format,

Forests and Chases of England and Wales, c.1500-c.1850 (Oxford, St John's College, 2005), distributed by Oxbow Books

'Lavishly produced... Splendid maps and illustrations... many insights and stimulating ideas.

'The authors... write concisely and enthusiastically about those aspects of forests which excite them'

 (Charles Watkins, Journal of Historical Geography 33 (2007), pp. 235-6).

Contents of the Medieval volume

1 Deconstructing and reconstructing the forests: Some preliminary matters

John Langton and Graham Jones

2 Medieval forests and chases: Another realm?

John Langton

Emeritus Research Fellow, St John's College, Oxford, formerly College Fellow and University Lecturer in Geography. With R. J. Morris he co-edited the Atlas of Industrializing Britain (1986 and 1990).

3 A common of hunting? Forests, lordship and community before and after the Conquest

Graham Jones

Research Assistant to Dr Langton at St John’s College, and Senior Research Associate, University of Oxford School of Geography and Centre for the Environment. Formerly Lecturer in English Topography at the University of Leicester, Centre for English Local History.

4 The forest as hunting ground

Richard Almond

Independent Scholar, formerly senior tutor and lecturer in History and English at Darlington College of Technology; part-time lecturer in Medieval History at the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education

5 Families and friendships: Hunting in the medieval forest

Jean Birrell

Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Research in the Arts and Social Sciences, University of Birmingham

6 Woodland and woodland management in lowland medieval forests: An illustration from Bernwood

Rachel Thomas

A professional ecologist and forester for twenty years in the voluntary and statutory sectors whose doctoral research was on the historical ecology of Bernwood Forest.

7 Assarting in the medieval Forest of Wychwood

Beryl Schumer

Alumna of the University of Leicester, Department of English Local History, where her M. Phil. research was the basis of a number of subsequent publications on Wychwood and other Oxfordshire forests.

8 Vaccaries and agistment: Upland medieval forests as grazing grounds

Angus J. L. Winchester

Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Lancaster, currently working on the history of commmon land in England and Wales.

9 Putting the 'royal' back into forests: Kingship, largesse, patronage and management in a group of Wessex forests in the 13th and 14th centuries

Amanda Richardson

Senior Lecturer in Late Medieval and Early Modern History at the University of Chichester.

10 Historical concept to physical reality: Forests in the landscape of the Welsh borderlands

Robert Silvester

Deputy Director of the Clywd-Powys Archaeological Trust and a Trustee of the Cambrian Archaeological Association.

11 Reflections

Robin Butlin

Emeritus Professor of Geography at the University of Leeds, where he was previously Professor of Historical Geography.

Contents of the Early Modern volume

1 Forests in early-modern England and Wales: History and historiography

John Langton

2 Forest maps and the gazetteer

Graham Jones

3 Parliamentary surveys

David Fletcher

Senior Lecturer in History at London Metropolitan University, author of The Emergence of Estate Maps: Christ Church, Oxford 1600 to 1840 (Oxford, 1995), and has been awarded a British Academy grant for his work on the history of parish boundary records in England.

4 Mapping forests and chases, c. 1530 to c. 1670

Elizabeth Baigent

Senior Tutor at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. She is an historian of cartography and was Research Director of the recent new edition of the Dictionary of National Biography.

5 Parliament, peers, and legislation

Ruth Paley

Editor of the House of Lords Section of the History of Parliament. She is also a published authority on the administration of the criminal law in the long eighteenth century, with particular reference to crime and police in metropolitan London.

6 Customary rights and charities

Sylvia Pinches

Victoria County History of Herefordshire. Awarded her doctorate at the University of Leicester on the history of early-modern charities.

7 Encroachment in the Forest of Dean: settlement, economy and landscape change at the margin

Paul Coones

Lecturer in Geography and Fellow of Hertford College, Oxford. His research interests include geopolitics, historical geography, landscape studies, and geographical thought in Britain and Russia.

8 Swanimotes, woodmotes and courts of ‘free miners’

Graham Jones

9 Resistance, crime and popular cultures

Carl Griffin

Teaching Fellow in Human Geography at the University of Southampton. His doctoral thesis at the University of Bristol (2002) was ‘As Lated Tongues Bespoke’: Popular Protest in South-East England, 1790–1840’. 

10 Forests and religious dissidence: Supremacy to toleration

Marie Rowlands

An historian of Recusancy and of Midlands industrialisation and formerly a Research Fellow at the University of Wolverhampton.

11 Gypsies, Tinkers, Travellers and the forest economy

David Smith

An independent scholar who works both as a consultant in architectural history and in the field of gypsy studies. He is Director of the Travellers Research Project.

12 Ownership and ecological change

Caroline Cheeseman

Doctoral student at Merton College, Oxford, investigating the history and ecology of Cranborne Chase.

13 Transitional hunting landscapes: deer hunting and fox hunting

Mandy de Belin

Doctoral student at the University of Leicester, Centre for English Local History, researching early modern landscapes of hunting.

14 Woodland fuel, demand and supply

Paul Warde

Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge; Newton Trust Lecturer in the Faculty of History, University of Cambridge; Associate Fellow, Centre for History and Economics, King’s College, Cambridge; and Co-ordinator of the project ‘Documenting Environmental Change’.

15 State management and ‘scientific forestry’

Judith Tsouvalis

Research Associate of the School of Geography, University of Oxford, and author of A Critical Geography of Britain’s State Forests (Oxford, 2000).

Endnote: Glenbervie, Emmerich, and ‘empire forestry’

Graham Jones

16 Bringewood Chase and its surrounding countryside: a GIS survey

David Lovelace

Environmental consultant, English Nature, and independent scholar, based in Herefordshire

17 A digital atlas of Rockingham Forest

Glenn Foard, David Hall, Tracey Britnell

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