Scarce Edition of Good-Bye to All That

The following message recentetly came through to me via the Graves Society pages. As a part of the Book Seller / Book Seeker services that the Society offers on our pages, I am displaying it here for your consideration.

Please write if you are interested in advertising any Gravesian works on our pages by emailing me.

From: Shaun Springer (
Subject: Very Scarce Ed. Goodbye To All That

I am looking to sell a work that I recently acquired that may be of interest to your readers. It is a first edition of Goodbye To All That in dust-jacket, rare enough in itself. As you know this edition was late r censored after the publication of about 100 of the works. Cape denied that any works had been sent out prior to publication. The book in my possession has a compliment slip inserted together with notification of the FUTURE PUBLICATION DATE thereby negating their denial.

The book itself is in very good condition though the DW is somewaht faded as to be expected. I am offering the work at 650.00 (GB stg).

If you are interested in purchasing this work, please send ema il to Shaun Springer (
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