Welcome to Nigels WWW kingdom, domain of light, a pillar of springy happiness in the darkness that is the world. Perhaps it would be best to start by introducing Nigel to all our readers out there ..... Nigel is affectionately known as 'The Dark Destroyer', 'Niggles', 'Tigger' or 'Horses Arse' to his mates. He unfortunately looks more than a little like Gordon the Gibbon :

Nigel was elected as our illustrious Boat Club Captain last year, so is in the middle of his rule ..... Nige, amongst his many achievements in the boat (like managing to lean around the wrong rigger) stroked the St John's Second Eight last term , and coached the Novice A's this term.
We have often found Nigel to be a bit of a mover and a shaker in the boat, and indeed out of it ..... It was the night of Boat Club Cocktails last Hilary and all was noisy and raucous, but where was Nigel? Asleep in his bed ... we can't have that though Cilla 'Plub Bird' Black, but woe is me she thought for Nigel is a stroke sider. So resorting to her partner in crime Sarah Davies, she marched off to Nigels room, hammered on the door and thrust Sarah inside .....
Being such a polite girl Sarah promptly obliged Nigel with the tongue on tongue action required. However Nigels was not manly enough for her liking, so was expelled from his bed to sleep on the floor whilst Ms Davies made herself comfortable in Nigel's bed ...... comedy value? Methinks so
For most men there is one way to the esteemed rank of Argonaut, to row in arguably one of the best college crews, (that's ours) in summer eights, then and only then can one call himself truely an Argonaut. Unless you are a queer git Boat Club Captain, in which case one can as Nigel so eloquently put it 'be a jammy bugger and get in by the back door'. Hail Captain Nigel!
So to email Nigel, Click here -> gordon.gibbon@sjc.ox.ac.uk