The way of the Chief is a unique and lonely path for all those who choose to tread it. Not only are you faced with the absolute responsibility of chiefing everybody over everything, but you are also faced with the great and ownerous task of becomming college letch #2 (the big man Bailey will suffer no competition.

Chief is perhaps the worlds heaviest cox, weighing in at a little under 11 stone this is no lightweight. We can see him here, looking his absolute best at the boat naming ceremony.

although not quite as ugly as gordon the gibbon, it has to be said, he is no oil painting, but then such is the way of the chief.

Although without any letcherous intentions towards the womens first boat Chief has had a habbit of coxing womens boats in recent times. If you want to be Chief (as we all do, you should perhaps take note of some of his 'top ten' coxing tips :

Amongst Chiefs many other achievements he is a devotee of the 'stroking your intended targets face' school of pulling. However Chief has been seen by many as a great windfall .... A certain young lady was heard to proclaim after being given the chief treatment 'This is a surprise ..... you are lovely'. Good one Chief.
I guess all that remains to be told about chief is his methods. Being head cox it is important that you know your college coxes. In fact it is important that you know your coxes very well. Know to some as Bob during their most intimate moments, Chief has been probing the extremes of 'short on short' relationships with Men's 1st Eight cox 'Rachel 5ft Gardner'.