Introduction to Interactive Boundary

Layer Theory

Ian Sobey

© Oxford University Press, 2000

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Welcome to my web site for problems, projects and software associated with this book. The web site is divided in to web pages in the same way as my book is divided into sections and chapters. In the page for each chapter there are copies of some suggested problems or projects which I think are suitable for incorporating into graduate programmes which have a project element. Also available are example programs which have been used to generate some of the figures in the book. The programs are provided as examples and I certainly do not claim to be a great programmer so beware my little idosyncrasies or bad habits left over from learning little dodges for Fortran in the late 1960's. The programs are variously written in fortran, C or matlab. All three programming languages have their uses but anyone starting out in numerical computation is well advised to become fluent in matlab because of its highly efficient algorithms and powerful graphics routines.

Some of the programs are almost trivial, others such as those for unsteady Navier-Stokes flow in channels are examples of serious CFD code. The software is all provided "as is" without any guarantee of correctness and by copying any of the programs you accept that I have no responsibility for how you might use the software or for the consequences of any use of the software.

Chapter 1: Mathematical and Fluid Mechanical Introduction

Part I: The Triple deck

Chapter 2: The Boundary Layer on a Flat Plate

Chapter 3: The Triple Deck

Chapter 4: Numerical Solution of Triple Deck Equations

Part II: Separation

Chapter 5: Introduction to Separation

Chapter 6: Separated Flow about a Cylinder

Chapter 7: Prediction of Separation from a Cylinder

Part III: Channel Flow

Chapter 8: Introduction to Channel Flow

Chapter 9:Upstream Influence

Chapter 10: Coanda Effect

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